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The Simplest Things

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Musings about Compost

Did you know, the best farmers know that farming is not the art of cultivating good plants, but of cultivating good soil? Compost and soil are not dead they are full of living things. Soil is made up of 45% mineral particles like stone, clay, sand and silt. 5% is…

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Anaerobic Digestion

We're pleased to have secured the services of Eco Food Recycling who are taking all our food waste for Anerobic Digestion. According to Greenpeace, much of the country’s biodegradable waste such as food, garden waste, card and paper...

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New “Fresh by Nature” Branding

Wondering what gave us the idea for our new Fresh By Nature branding? Well it was partially an evolvement from our prior Box Fresh brand, but then one evening we were watching a replay of an old Blackadder episode with the sadly missed Rick Mayall as Flashheart. A bizarre link…

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